Meet Chante

Chante’ N. Whisonant is a passionate teenage Minister and Entrepreneur. Being brought up in business minded household, Chante’ grew up with the mindset of an entrepreneur. She started babysitting at 12 and soon that also grew into selling crochet accessories. Now older, Chante’ decided to combine her desire to empower people, with her desire to help the struggling youth of this world.

She’s now a youth preacher, inspirational speaker, and a Published Author. Chante is also a international magazine writer for Womens Front Line Magazine in Denmark located in Europe. And she also writes for Solo Parenting Magazine based in the United States. Chante is the only teen writer in both Magazines. Working with the youth is a passion that has brought Chante into many new circles including assisting in teaching at New Sound Literacy & Tech Center.

Her first book which she was coauthor of, “A letter to my bully”, tells of her experience with bullying and how she overcame it. Her personal hurtful experiences pushed her to write motivational books and help other hurting and lost youth by leading them to Christ. Entrepreneur’s solve problems and she’s aiming to do just that. Chante’ loves what she does, the way she does it, and wouldn’t change it for the world.